'The Ring' & 'The Grudge' Play a Deadly Game... of Baseball

After seeing Sadako emerge from the jumbo screen to throw the game's opening pitch, it's safe to say Nippon-Ham Fighters fans won't watch a game in quite the same way again.

Japanese horror icons Sadako Yamamura and Kayako Saeki crashed a recent Nippon-Ham Fighters' baseball game in order to promote their upcoming crossover horror film, "Sadako vs. Kayako" ("The Ring vs. The Grudge").

During the pre-game warmup, killer ghost Sadako ("The Ring") emerges from the static-filled Jumbo screen and creepily jilts her body towards the pitcher's mound, awaiting her nemesis. Head bent to the side as if her neck is broken, Kayako ("The Grudge") slowly creeps onto the field with her ghost boy, Toshio, by her side. Although blinded by her trademark hair, Sadako throws a 96 km/h fastball. Kayako hits the ball, sending it into left field while Toshio runs the bases for her.

Though Sadako won this match-up, J-horror fans will keep closer score during the ladies' big screen clash this June.

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