The Return of "Smallville," the Introduction of the Costume?

Look up in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a new promo image for the return of "Smallville," subtly teasing Tom Welling in the famous dubs of Superman!

Continuing their rollout of announcements for DCU in 2011, The Source posted the aforementioned image this morning, signaling along with it a day of reveals and hints focusing on the Man of Steel.

"Smallville," the hit CW television series focusing on the early days of Superman, entered its tenth and final season this past fall. Originally, the show's producers proclaimed they would never actually outright feature Tom Welling wearing the Superman outfit, which made sense since the initial premise of Clark Kent before he became Superman necessitated a lack of the whole Superman thing. However, throughout the show's ten-year run, it has managed to consistently tease the inevitable with countless blink-or-you'll-miss-it moments, from a flash of cape early on to last season's faster than a speeding bullet fly by.

These moments have really ramped up this past year as videos promos for the final season featured the costume itself appearing for a brief moment. With this latest promo image, it seems more and more likely that in its final season "Smallville" might finally grants fans their long-desired wish and feature Welling in the famous costume.

"Smallville" returns Friday, January 29, to the CW at 8/7 c. For more information, check out the Source and be sure to look to CBR throughout the day for more news about the DCU in 2011.

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