The Return of Geoff Johns Prime

From the sales numbers alone, we know you're reading "Blackest Night." Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis' massive epic is tearing the DCU apart, and you're loving it. But why? Is it the bright light that the book has shone on Hal Jordan, Barry Allen, Ray Palmer and Mera? Or the undead rebirth of Aquaman, Martian Manhunter and the dozens, if not hundreds, of other superheroes and villains who have come back from the dead?

And speaking of a return from the dead, Johns is also delivering a literal re-boot of the Flash franchise with Ethan Van Sciver in the pages of "Flash: Rebirth."

No doubt, those two projects alone have enough comic goodness to generate hundreds of questions for the superstar writer, but he also has "Superman: Secret Origin" with Gary Frank, "Adventure Comics" and an upcoming "Flash" ongoing with Francis Manapul and his latest project, "Blackest Night: The Flash" with Scott Kolins, which kicked off this week.

Not enough for you? Johns also has two DCU movie projects in the works and a "Smallville" special starring the Justice Society of America that become so big, the producers ended up combining the episodes into a made-for-TV two-hour movie.

If you haven't guessed it, CBR is ready to present the next installment of GEOFF JOHNS PRIME, so what are you waiting for? Send your questions.

Just drop us a line by Monday at 5:00PM PST, and we'll pick the best ten (or more) questions, run them by Johns and share his answers on the week of December 28th, just in time for the release of "Blackest Night" #6, the only title shipping that week from DC Comics.

Up, up and away!

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