The Return of Fast Willie Jackson!

I meant to mention this last week, but well, obviously I forgot. In last week's issue of Savage Dragon (which was a clever issue, especially the part about the new Mighty Man), Erik Larsen brought us the return of classic 1970s comic book character Fast Willie Jackson!

I reviewed an issue of Fast Willie Jackson so long ago that it wasn't even on the current blog! It was here, on the old blog.

Fast Willie Jackson was created, written and published by Bertram Fitzgerald (through his Fitzgerald Periodicals), and drawn in the Archie Comics' house style by Gus Lemoine. The title was basically "Black Archie," although it was a lot more than just that, as Fitzgerald really tried to mix in some "real" issues along with the typical teen humor of Archie Comics at the time. It really didn't work very well, but the book still stands out as a bit of a hidden gem.

In last week's Savage Dragon, Larsen introduces us to the grown-up Fast Willie Jackson...

Here it is...

He married the girl he crushed on when he was a teen, Dee-Dee, but as we see, it did not work out so great.

It reminds me of when Joe Casey and Ashley Wood showed us the grown-up Peanuts gang in Automatic Kafka.

It'll be interesting to see where Larsen goes with Jackson!

Animosity #25

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