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The Reread Reviews — Young Liars Finale Countdown (Issue 17)

by  in Comic News Comment
The Reread Reviews — Young Liars Finale Countdown (Issue 17)

In the lead-up to Young Liars ending on September 2 with issue 18, I will be rereading the 17 issues already out and discussing them at a rate of one issue per day. I haven’t reread any of these comics since they came out, so it should be fun. Spoilers, of course. Let’s dance!

Young Liars #17, “A Woman Scorned,” by David Lapham is the penultimate issue to the series and provides some hints as to what it’s all about… but not that many.

Outside the wall of Browning, Danny sees himself in the clown costume, Danny Duoshade sunglasses on, raping Sadie. Since then, he’s been having dreams about people in Browning who will die and goes about saving them. Browning appear to be a creation of Danny’s… a remix of his life. Loreli isn’t Sadie, because none of the people are real. Except in his head.

The concept that Danny has raped Sadie or CeeCee keeps coming up, suggesting that he did do that to one of them and what we’ve been experiencing is him trying to escape the reality of his horrible nature. He admits that he’s a monster and kills Puss-Bag, the host of the Spider formerly known as Tweezers… who then takes up residence inside of Danny, causing him to set himself on fire.

Things keep reapting themselves… nothing he does allows him to escape his past and his crimes. All he can do is try to keep as many people alive — to be the saviour of the world, but that’s not enough. It always comes back to him dying, sacrificing himself, he a Spider… he is the enemy that he must save the world from.

That’s my best guess/interpretation, but I’m probably wrong. You really can’t guess where David Lapham will take things in this series.

In this issue, Sadie Dawkins is a band that Loreli starts… she is the ideal, she is music…

The issue ends with Loreli calling CeeCee who gave her number to Dr. Diego for just this occasion. Where will things go next? Sadie is the ideal, but CeeCee is Danny’s true love, I think. Sadie is that hot girl that you had a crush on in high school but later wondered what you saw in her. CeeCee is that weird chick that you heard a bunch of stories about, looked down upon, but later learned that she’s a pretty decent person, just a little messed up.

Two weeks tomorrow, Young Liars ends with issue 18. I’m not sure what posts I’ll do on the book between now and then. I have an idea that should be doable. As well, to the commentor who suggested examining all of the Danny Duoshade recommended songs? David Lapham already did that himself and I don’t think I’m going to do a better job. A really great idea, but it’s been done by someone more qualified. Go check it out.

I’m done. I’ve had a great time doing this. Thanks for all of the support. I will return with more Young Liars content.

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