'The Red Star' rises again this Wednesday with Vol. 2, #1

Official Press Release

[The Red Star Vol. 2, #1]The Wait is over. In Stores February 19 will be the next chapter in the amazing epic saga of The Red Star. This being the first release since the highly publicized affiliation between Archangel Studios, the home of the creators of The Red Star, and CrossGen Entertainment. 2003 promises to be the biggest year yet for fans of the epic saga of the Antares family as they struggle to defeat the sorcerer Imbohl, whose fortress lay hidden in the realms of the dead.

The Red Star burned brightly from its very first issue, shocking the industry by being the first ongoing title to integrate traditional comic book pencilingand 3D virtual objects and environments. Since then, its gripping tale of epic heroes in a world of 'Military Industrialized Sorcery' has made it one of the true hits of the early part of the decade, with Five Eisner Nominations for their first story arc alone.

The Red Star follows the adventures of the crew of the Red Star Skyship Konstantinov, a mile and a half long airborne warship that could "Breach the Gates of Hell itself" and will have to do just that in this next story arc, titled "Prison of Souls". Creator and Artist Christian Gossett says, "This is the best jump on point for new readers we've ever had. With all of the award winning work we've done, this next arc is really the pinnacle. It's also the most action-packed chapter yet. The lead characters have all been introduced, they've received their quest to save their country, and now must face a relentless gauntlet of conflict to triumph over the ancient evil that rules their people. Plus, honestly, we are more of a team than ever. The addition of Paul Schrier on 3D has brought us to a totally new level."

In a market where independent titles have a hell of a time surviving against the characters of DC and Marvel who are thirty, fifty or even sixty years old, The Red Star has stood its ground, satisfying a still-growing readership with incredibly well-crafted stories, always stunning artwork and truly original characters. Even those who call the Team to task for their roller coaster of a schedule have to admit, The Red Star has always been worth the wait.

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