<i>The Raid</i> Director Promises 'Bigger, Better and Bloodier' Sequel

Gareth Evans promises big things for the sequel to his stunning Indonesian action film The Raid (called The Raid: Redemption in the United States). “To all our fans, thank you so much for your support,” he told The Hollywood Reporter. “We can't wait to come back and show you what we have been working on. We'll be there in 2014 with a film bigger, better and bloodier!”

2014 feels pretty far away to anyone who watched and enjoyed the brutal 2011 film starring Iko Uwais, but you can check out a couple of new photos from the set.

The first film followed Uwais' SWAT officer as he and a group of fellow cops attempted to take down an apartment building run by a mob boss and filled with his cronies. The sequel, which translates to The Raid 2: Thug, picks the story up right where the first film ended. Now Uwais has to go undercover in a Jakarta crime syndicate to keep his family safe. He also has the matter of police corruption -- which created the events of the first film -- to uncover.

The film is currently set for a 100 day shoot which might sound like a long time, but it can take a while to shoot all those super intense fight scenes. There's no official release date just yet, but The Raid 2 will be distributed in the United States by Sony Pictures Classics.

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