The race is on, and it looks like heartache

If you're planning to attend Comic-Con International, you likely need no reminder. But just in case: Hotel reservations open today at 9 a.m. PDT, noon EDT, via Travel Planners.

The Comic-Con website cautions: "Hotels do not allot enough rooms to meet the demand of everyone who wants to attend Comic-Con International. Rooms do fill up within the first few hours so you may want to book a room directly with the hotel of your choice now." So ... yeah.

The list of hotels can be found here.

As we noted on Monday, four-day passes to the con already have sold out. And Saturday is at 39 percent, with four months still to go. Today's not going to be pretty. Expect the Twitter accounts of comics folks to be littered with profanities -- well, more than usual -- beginning in about three hours.

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