Bendis Shares Rebirth Debut of The Question in Action Comics #1005

From Wally West to Ted Kord, DC Rebirth has brought many beloved characters back to the DC Universe, sometimes even going so far as to resurrect characters the company killed off years ago. It seems like another resurrection will soon take place in the pages of Action Comics, as current Superman scribe Brian Michael Bendis has teased the return of the original Question, Vic Sage.

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Earlier today on his Instagram account, Bendis shared an image drawn by artist Ryan Sook that features the original Faceless Fury standing over the bodies of criminals, smoke surrounding the character's body to form a question mark in what Bendis calls a sneak preview.

Created by the legendary Steve Ditko, Sage was a fan-favorite antihero who met his end in the 2006 weekly series, 52, with the Question mantle being taken up by Batman supporting character Renee Montoya for several years. An in-name-only version of the character was created during the New 52, with an origin tied into the Phantom Stranger and Pandora, but nothing has been heard of that version for some time.

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While Bendis has said nothing about what the character's return signifies, it could hint that he has big plans for the Human Enigma, either in a solo title or as a back-up feature in Action Comics. Given Bendis' past work on gritty street characters like Daredevil and Moon Knight, a Question series would be right up his alley.

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