The Punisher Showrunner Wants to Take a Stab at Blade Next

The Punisher has been a solid success for Netflix and is now one of the only two active Marvel shows still on the streaming service.

However, while the longevity of The Punisher and Jessica Jones is still up in the air following the surprise cancelation of Iron FistLuke Cage and Daredevil in 2018, showrunner Steve Lightfoot still has hope he gets the chance to bring another Marvel icon to the small screen: Blade.

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"I think, again, this is just me, I have zero idea where any of these things are, but I'm a big Blade fan..." Lightfoot told ComicBook.com. "I would always be excited to see that one done for TV, I think you could do an amazing television version of that."

A vampire hunter who is gifted with many vampiric abilities himself, the trilogy of Blade films starring Wesley Snipes as the titlular character arguably got the ball rolling on the superhero film renaissance we're in today. The character was eventually brought to television 2006 in a sequel series that recast Snipes with Kirk Jones. That series ran for a single season.

Snipes has also been vocal about his interest in returning to the character in some shape or form.

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