Garth Ennis Returns to Marvel for Two New Punisher Series

One of the most celebrated writers to craft comic book stories starring The Punisher is Garth Ennis. Penning the adventures of Frank Castle both within the Marvel Universe and in his own alternate continuity as part of the Marvel Max imprint, Ennis put the lethal antihero in some of the darkest, most acclaimed stories in the character's decades-long history.

After ending his run on Punisher Max, Ennis would periodically return for additional miniseries starring Castle and/or Nick Fury for the mature reader imprint, most recently for 2017's Punisher: Platoon with artist and longtime collaborative partner Goran Parlov. However, Ennis has now revealed he has two more Punisher miniseries in the works, with the first potentially set to debut this year.

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"I have two Punisher miniseries coming up: Soviet, drawn by Jacen Burrows and apparently coming out in November, and Get Fury, with art by Goran Parlov, presumably appearing next year." Ennis told the Lakes International Comic Art Festival.

Frank Castle had previously tangled with the Russian military on several occasions during Ennis' run, while the Max incarnation of Fury had been a longtime ally to The Punisher, both in the military and as a vigilante. Judging by the title of the second miniseries, the two old war buddies may be at odds in a no-holds-barred hunt.

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