The Punisher, Crosshair, X-Men: First Class: Mar 10th Comic Reel


As our pals at Spinoff Online reported, actor Ray Stevenson is talking about returning to his other Marvel role. He told The Playlist, "We have met about it. I would love to do it. We can definitely bring back Frank to the screen." He also told Cinema Blend that "If it's on my path to do him again, I'll definitely do my best." Now that Marvel has full control of the character, it's possible for them to insert him into their Cinematic Universe. Just stay away from his origin story, okay? The Punisher is more effective as a force of nature. The actor will be seen as Volstagg in the upcoming "Thor."

Release date: TBA


According to The Hollywood Reporter, Summit -- the company behind "Red" and "Twilight" -- is negotiating for the rights to the Top Cow comic. According to the article, the story centers on "a former CIA assassin-turned-suburban dad who must race against the clock to stop a program inside his brain from turning him into an unstoppable killing machine whose target is the U.S. president." Sounds like a good fit for the property and Summit.

Release date: TBA


The official Facebook page offered a new image last night of actor Lucas Till as Havok:

Release date: June 3rd, 2011


A Reeler sent me the following email: "Tom Corbett the governor from PA has included the Film Industry tax credit in his version of the new budget. As long as the state senate passes it, which it should being mostly a republican outfit now, things are looking good for some of the film to be shot here, as long as [Christopher] Nolan still wants to. I'm hoping it's a lot more than just doing sweeps of certain parts of the city, but that's just so I can sneak myself into a shot or two." Nolan and his team were seen scouting locations in Pittsburgh a few weeks back. Also, I find it interesting that these tax credits are suddenly cast in the spotlight thanks to the superhero movies. Meanwhile, Gary Oldman tells Flicks and Bits (via Comic Book Movie) that he's seen Catwoman designs while hoping his own costume gets an upgrade. "[It's still] my drab greys and beiges," he says. "I went to the production offices the other day and there's all these fantastic pictures across the wall, Catwoman, this, that, and I thought where's my wall? I don't have a wall, I just have a rack of very very dull clothes." He shouldn't be too down, though. He's the best screen version of Commissioner Gordon by far.

Release date: July 20th, 2012


Want to be in the film? Bleeding Cool reports that there is another casting call coming up in Albuquerque, New Mexico. There are a few rules. You need to be a resident of New Mexico, over 18 and able to get to the Hotel Albuquerque on March 25th or 26th. Our old friend writes, "They want to cast as many as they can. Turn up, basically, and you're in the film. It's a paid gig too." He also suggests being well groomed. I'm guessing the film must have a crowd scene or two.

Directed by Joss Whedon & starring everybody, release date: May 4th, 2012


According to The Hollywood Reporter, the film is the first to "be lensed in 3D using 3ality Digital's TS-5 wireless and handheld beamsplitter mirror rig." Sounds complicated, but the rig offers the filmmakers several practical advantages. "You don't get the unwanted shadowing effects during shots that sometimes appear using other 3D rigs, and the lens changes only take a few minutes," says John Schwartzman, the film's director of photography. "We wanted a rig that would not only deliver the best quality and performance but also one that wouldn't delay the production, so we have all the benefits of a 3D picture and we're shooting to a 2D schedule."

Release date: July 2nd, 2012


Chris Hemsworth tells MTV News that he's seen the film:

Starring Chris Hemsworth, release date: May 6th, 2011


Guillermo del Toro tells Deadline about the collapse of the project. "I have learned in the last few years that God laughs as we make plans," jokes the director. At the heart of the issue is a conflict between the film's budget and del Toro's steadfast refusal to a guarantee a PG-13 rated film. "We created 'Don't Be Afraid of the Dark,' thinking we would be safe looking for PG-13 because we had no profanity, no sex, no gore, but we made a very intense movie in a very classical mold. And the MPAA gave it an R," he explains. "They said the movie was too intense for a PG-13. The only think I know about 'Mountains' is, I do not want it to be bloody, I do not want it to be crass, but I want it to be as intense as possible. And those discussions were had in the open. Everyone knew this was my position, that I knew I was asking [for] the chance for the movie to be what it needs to be. I don't think it's a good idea to relinquish that on paper." Currently, it is difficult for R-rated pictures to do the kind of business "Mountains" would need to recoup its investment.

Release date: TBA


Okay, here's a rapid fire list of jokes that go with today's report on the "Spider-Man" musical: Beware the Ides of June? Et, tu, Bono? I come not to bury Spider-Man, but to praise him. According to Deadline, producers of the show have backed off its March 15th opening (the Ides of March) in favor of a summer opening to allow time for the show to be retooled. According to the press release, "The additional time commitment required by this new plan will make it impossible for director and co-book writer Julie Taymor to continue on in her day-to-day duties with the production. Philip William McKinley and Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa have joined the creative team to help implement new staging and book rewrites, respectively." While the producers stress that she isn't leaving the show, Taymor is effectively out. What do Bono and the Edge have to say about this?

"Julie is a truly gifted and imaginative director. This is an epic ride, and the standing ovations we have seen from the preview audiences have confirmed our absolute faith in the project. We are listening and learning and, as a result, we have a couple of new songs we are very very excited about putting into the mix. All of us on the creative team are committed to taking SPIDER-MAN to the next level. We are confident it will reach its full potential and when it does, it will open."

I guess they speak as one, now. Anyway, with the show pushed back for the sixth time, expect a new round of derision in the press, "Saturday Night Live" sketches and maybe one more joke from me based in Shakespeare's "Julius Caesar."

Opens: Summer 2011 ... maybe


As Spinoff Online reported, the show returns to BBC America on April 23rd and I cannot wait. Even though it's been the usual span of months since the Christmas Special, it feels like the longest wait between "Doctor Who" seasons since the show returned in 2005.

Returns: April 23rd, 2011


TVLine reports that star Michael Chiklis is set to star in CBS's comedy pilot "Vince Uncensored." Does this mean the end for his ABC superhero family drama? TV Line's Matt Webb Mitovich writes, "'Vince Uncensored' is in second position to bubble show 'No Ordinary Family,' which struck its sets on the Disney lot this week to make room for a Producers Guild conference." Chiklis is hedging his bets on the show getting canceled. If it is renewed, he'll return to it.

Airs: Tuesdays


And just when you think there's no "Scott Pilgrim" news left, Some Kind of Awesome uncovers four unsued tracks from the film.

Starring Michael Cera and Mary Elizabeth Winstead, release date: out now


Since this inadvertently became a "Trek" week, the Internet provides another video sourced in that august televsision and film phenomenon. This time, we see what Spock was doing with his science scanner on the bridge of the original Enterprise:

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