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Hello there.

I'm Joe Rice.  Long-time blog readers (is there such a thing?) might remember me as one of the nerds who started this nerd blog.  Tastes diverged and the blog split apart, some of us moving off to Listen to Us, We're Right.  Although we stayed friends with Brian, some of us thought the taste level of CSBG was very questionable, to steal from Project Runway.  We set off, did our own thing, and kind of stopped blogging after a while.  After all, Alex has his own comic shop now, Rocketship (best comic shop around), I got all married and stuff, and some of those people didn't really even exist I think.

After a while I got itchy typing fingers and started writing up my Joe Rice Media Reviews (I forget the inside joke that forces me to call it that every time, but trust me, it was either hilarious or not hilarious) on CBR and cross-posting them on Listen to Us.  Brian contacted me about cross-posting them here, and at first I said "no."  I can't guarantee that I'll write them every week, I'm often disgusted with how little I discuss things, and does the world really need another weekly comic round up . . .I had my doubts.

But, I dunno.  I think sometimes I recommend some comics that maybe folks wouldn't find.  My buddy runs the best comic shop around, I read a lot of new stuff, so maybe I can direct some folks to something they'll enjoy.  We'll see.  Maybe this'll be a disaster.  I dunno.

To get an idea for my taste, my favorite books these days are All Star Superman, Mouse Guard, and Tales Designed to Thrizzle.  There's a lot of other stuff I love and I hope to talk more about them.  There's a lot of stuff I don't love, too.  I try not to talk too much about that.  But to put it simply, I find adolescent superhero continuity wanks and nerd puzzles to be really tiresome and rarely worth my time or money.  I take the craft of writing (and drawing) pretty dang seriously . . .I'm formally trained as a writer and as a writing instructor.  I consider my standards very strict.  I teach elementary school in Brooklyn and my kids have always loved comics.  I'm happily married but that girl you have a crush on still likes me.

So hopefully someone will get something out of this.  I won't guarantee to like everything you like, or even not make fun of it.  But I can guarantee that I'll do so with panache.  Hell, at least I'm not Greg Burgas.

Questions or comments before I begin?

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