The Prisoner Returns with New Comic Series

Cult classic televisions series The Prisoner will return in 2018 in the form of a new comic book series from Titan Comics.

The publisher has announced< that Peter Milligan (Enigma, X-Statix, Hellblazer) and Colin Lorimer (The Hunt, Harvest) will revive the series as a new comic launching next year.

The Prisoner was a popular British television show that has maintain a cult favorite among genre fans, despite the show only lasting for 17 episodes back in 1967. It centered around an unnamed former spy who is taken to live within a mysterious village. Patrick McGoohan, the show's writer and director, also starred as the man designated Number 6. The show dealt with his conflict with a number of authority figures named Number 2.

For Milligan, this is the perfect opportunity to explore the unknown. He spoke about the project with THR, saying, "for a story where all is ambiguous, it’s hardly surprising that everyone takes from The Prisoner something different.

"Like most people I had my own theories, my own twisted notions – mostly Kafkaesque and existential — of what was really going on in those mock Italianate dwellings," Milligan continued. "Personally, the stranger and more baffling it was, the better it suited me."

Few details were given about the plot, but Milligan did hint about getting the chance to write "Number 6's successor."

Marvel Comics launched two adaptations of The Prisoner in the 1970s, but neither -- including one by the great Jack Kirby -- were ever completed. A sequel series from Dean Motter and Mark Askwith called The Prisoner: Shattered Visage was published through DC Comics in 1988.

AMC released a television remake of the series in 2009, starring Ian McKellen, Jim Caviezel, and Hayley Atwell. Both Christopher Nolan and Ridley Scott have also been involved in potential film adaptations.

The new series arrives in 2018 in order to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the show's debut in the United States.

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