"The Presidential Matrix of Leadership" Alone Makes Guarding the Globe #1 Worth Buying

Guarding the Globe #1 (which is one of the more unfortunate forced name changes this side of The Order) has an awesome back-cover and one-page back-up story featuring the FAKE Guardians of the Globe that Image teased awhile back (Invincible, Spawn, Rick from Walking Dead, Harry Potter - or Perry Hotter, I should say and Barack Obama).

Sarah Palin showing up to steal Obama's "Presidential Matrix of Leadership" is awesome. And how she goes about doing it is hilarious.

Chris Giarrusso, you are awesome!

So for just that back cover and that one-pager, Guarding the Globe #1 is worth picking up.

The lead story, by Robert Kirkman and Benito Cereno, with art by Ransom Getty and Cliff Rathburn, is good, too! But come on, people, the "Presidential Matrix of Leadership"!!!

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