The premiere of Joe Quesada's 'Ultimate Adventures #1' DotComic

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A nine page preview of ULTIMATE ADVENTURES #1 (on sale Sept 18th) is now available for viewing as a dotComic on Marvel.com, and editor Joe Quesada is proud to preview his entry in the "U-Decide" challenge. "I can't begin to express how happy I am with how Ultimate Adventures is turning out", said Quesada. "From the moment that I read the first script over a year ago, to finally seeing Duncan Fegredo's pencil and inks fully realized by Paul Mount's coloring, this has been anabsolute dream project for me to edit and be involved with".

As for results of the "U-Decide" showndown,Quesada had this to say: "Jemas and David may end up winning this "U-Decide" stunt if they continue with their alternate, foiled covered covers and theirjazzy Alex Ross designs, but at the end of the day when all six issues are done and out the door, I think that ULTIMATE ADVENTURES is going to be the book that people will want to see continue for the long haul. Hank Kipple is destined to become one of those incredibly lovable characters that readers will care about for years to come!"

Unlike the other two entries in the "U-Decide" challenge, MARVILLE #1 and the re-launched CAPTAIN MARVEL, ULTIMATE ADVENTURES #1 does not feature alternate covers and expensive printing features. According to Quesada, the "bells and whistles" shouldn't make a difference in this race: "If you enjoy all the marketing stunts of the early 90's, you know the gilded turd routine, foil this, alternate that, then go ahead and pick up your multiple copies of MARVILLE and CAPTAIN MARVEL. It's okay, no one in your comic shop will look at you funny (well,maybe). But if you're a fan of great stories and great art then ULTIMATE ADVENTURES is what you really should give a try. I wouldn't be giving this book my personal guarantee if I didn't believe in it. ULTIMATE ADVENTURES may be involved in this crazy stunt but my love for this book has nothing to do with this competition. If my almost 4 years here at Marvel have perhaps proven something to the fans maybe it's that I know what makes up good comics. Please take my word for it that ULTIMATE ADVENTURES is going to be one of the best books we put out this year! Ah, heck if you don't believe me, just check out the dot comic, enjoy!"

View the ULTIMATE ADVENTURES #1 preview at:http://dotcomics.marvel.com/lib/launchissue.php?issue=77

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