The physics of 'Hulk' F/X. 'Daredevil' ad. 'Smallville' appearance: Comics2Film Wrap for May 1st, 2003


Universal pictures presented a panel on "Hulk" at this pastweekend's WonderCon. Occasional Comics2Film contributor Douggary Grant was onhand as CGI F/X gurus Paul Giacoppo and Glen McIntosh hosted the session. Wepresented partone of Douggary's recap of the panel on Tuesday, which discussed the motionstudies done by the F/X team in order to bring Jade Jaws to life. Here's parttwo of the recap of the panel:

"The F/X team asked director Ang, 'How fast does Hulk travel when heleaps?' and he said '200 mph' so they went back to the 'leap studies' and spedHulk up (they had to add airborne references so you could gauge Hulk's speed).

"Ang wanted hulk to be very athletic and quick...not agile likeSpider-Man, but because he is so strong he can move quickly and be very hard toeven aim at (they hinted that this is a plot element). Hulk isn't this lumberingbehemoth that slowly pounds his way into the city like Godzilla...he blitzes inand out before the

army has a chance to really get a shot in sometimes!

"In the Hulk vs. Tank scene (the one from the trailer) they showed thewhole sequence (awesome!). They used the motion from a football player tacklingor blocking for the first part when Hulk smashes into the tank, then a 'hammerthrow' for when Hulk swings the tank and chucks it. Once they mentioned that youcould really see the comparison. 

"The artists were asked by the audience why more motion capture wasn'tused for the Hulk and they said that mainly where would they get someone thatlarge to capture? Simply put with the mass that Hulk has, his muscles wouldbehave and move differently than a normal human, that's why so much work was putinto the movement studies I told you about...when they were completed, they hada model that had been moved in literally any pose a human (or Hulk) could take.

"They talked a little more about Ang and using the comics for reference:Over the course of the movie Ang would actually bring in comics with panels hewanted to recreate and tell the artists, 'I want to capture this' or 'I want thescene to look more like this panel' Everyone on the crew was reading Hulkcomics! 

"The style guide was also meant to 'inspire' everyone. Just about everymajor artist who worked on the Hulk was represented. They had pages dedicated toeach of the emotions Hulk goes through (rage, sorrow, pain, etc), pages for allof the types of action (fighting, smashing, leaping), then pages that just hadimages that Ang or the producers thought were especially good.

"One thing I found interesting is I have some friends who do specialeffects ('Predator,' 'Underworld,' 'Planet of the Apes') and I have seen themcast 'body molds' for various films: the mold used when an extensive prostheticor body suit is needed ('Spawn' for example). Those casts are always taken withthe person in a slight squat with their arms out to the sides (if taken in anyother pose it's possible to get binding or make the suit too small and ittears). 

"So, when the first 'Hulk' studies were done for the CG (they showedthese to the audience) Hulk was in the exact same pose used to cast body suits.I wonder if this is carry over from physical effects work or if the computeralgorithms would run into similar problems with movement if the figure wasn't'cast' in full extension? 

"At any rate, these studies were done prior to Ang fully committing tothe film. They had to prove they could make this work before he felt he wantedto take on the project."

Thanks to Douggary for the excellent report!



The ComicsContinuum reports that "The Hulk" will grace the cover of TV guidesome time in June, coinciding with the release of the movie.



"Daredevil" is coming home to DVD and fans in Minnesota have achance to be part of a TV ad campaign supporting the disc.

Saturday (May 3rd) from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. there will be a general casting

call for nonprofessional actors to appear in a national Wal-Mart ad campaign forthe upcoming release of the DVD. The open call will take place at The SourceComics & Games in Falcon Heights, MN.

Wal-Mart apparently wants real Daredevil fans in the ad, rather than actorspaid to look like DD aficionados. The location is seen to be a prime spot tofind fans, for obvious reasons. May 3rd is also FREE COMICS DAY.

Drive Thru Advertising  is producing the ad and Barbara Shelton fromBab's Casting will be conducting the casting call. Fans 18 years or over areasked to show up for a chance to be in a national ad campaign.



Wizard Entertainment has announced that actress Allison Mack from "Smallville"will be appearing at this year's Wizard World EAST multi-media conventionevent which will be held on the weekend of May 30th, 31st and June 1st at thePennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia.

Mack who plays student reporter Chloe Sullivan on the show will appear onSaturday talking to fans, signing autographs and participating in specialprograms.

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