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The Phantom Lantern Channels [SPOILER]’s Power in Green Lanterns #11

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The Phantom Lantern Channels [SPOILER]’s Power in Green Lanterns #11

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Sam Humphries, Robson Rocha, Jay Leisten, Cam Smith and Blond’s “Green Lanterns” #11, on sale now.

Volthoom, the First Lantern, is suspiciously absent from “Green Lanterns” #11, but that just gives the series’ Frank Laminski plot some room to breath, as the newly inducted Phantom Lantern explores the extent of his abilities, and the mysterious ring’s breadth of power.

Introduced a few issues ago, Frank is a fighter pilot from Coast City who desperately believes he should wield a Green Lantern Power Ring. His wishes do come true — sort of — as Volthoom emerges and gives him a Phantom Ring with specific instructions to kidnap the Guardian Rami and go out and “be a hero” — making our two leading Lanterns, Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz, look pretty bad in the process.

Frank Laminski: Hero?


Having been instructed by Volthoom “to be a hero,” the newly christened Phantom Lantern jumps at the opportunity to fulfill his lifelong dream of becoming a Green Lantern, and be celebrated as a superhero in the eyes of the public. While Frank’s Phantom Ring allows Frank to channel any energy along the emotional spectrum, Frank intentionally chooses to depict himself as a Green Lantern, since he’s always believed he deserves to be a member of the Corps.

For his first heroic act, Frank heads to Kansas to save a kid and their dog from the wrath of a pretty ferocious tornado. He does so, successfully, and in the process brags about how heroic he really is, seemingly very happy in his new heroic role as a “Green Lantern.”


Simon & Jessica Address the Media


After an unsuccessful confrontation with Volthoom and the Phantom Lantern last issue, Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz lick their wounds as they try to get some answers from Nazir, who witnessed the kidnapping of Rami. Unfortunately, Nazir, baffled by the encounter, isn’t much help. Luckily, Jessica taps into hero Green Lantern ring (which has taken on its own slang and personality) for some information, leading the duo to Kansas where Frank just, seemingly, saved the day.

When Simon and Jessica reach Frank, they’re surprised to be greeted by the media who are conducting an interview with Frank in the wake of his superheroic exploits. The camera crew grills Simon and Jessica as to why they should be concerned about Frank, and the new Phantom Lantern rebuttals that Simon and Jessica are no more deserving of the ring than him. Unfortunately for Simon and Jessica, the cameras make them look pretty bad, as they don’t have a very good defense — until…


Greed Is… Good?


Just as Frank is starting to look good in the eyes of the media, his emotions get out of control, and — that’s right — greed starts to take over his Phantom Ring’s energy, in addition to rage. Instigated by Jessica’s taunt that Hal Jordan wouldn’t consider Frank a real Green Lantern that deserves the ring, Frank loses control of his emotions, bursting into an orange flame and becoming…


Yep, Frank’s now an Orange Lantern. Assuming the power of our old pal Larfleeze, Frank now has full control over the emotion of avarice. If his powers are anything like Larfleeze’s, he’ll be able to construct his own Corps using the orange energy. It remains to be seen if Frank will use that specific ability, but if he does — considering his emotional volatility — Simon and Jessica are in for some trouble.

The next issue in the “Phantom Lantern” saga, “Green Lanterns” #12, hits stands on December 7.

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