The Phantom: Ghost Who Walks

Story by
Art by
Silvestre Szilagyi
Colors by
Bob Pedroza
Cover by


The Perfect Jumping-On Point!

It all starts here. From the Chronicles of the First Phantom comes a re-telling of his origin like you've never seen it before. This issue is a perfect primer for those new to the Phantom, and gives existing readers something special as well. As an added bonus, several pages from the upcoming Phantom Handbook are included in the back.

"[Moonstone] captures the adventure and fun that made the character a legend." - The 4th Rail

"This book looks as good as anything coming out of the Big Two, and it reads better than most of it." - Comixtreme

"Mike Bullock's Phantom is a masterful extrapolation on Lee Falk's original." - Silver Bullet Comic Books

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