The Past Was Close Behind: Spider-Man's Wife Makes a Curious Pledge

This feature spotlights moments, exchanges, etc. from older comics that take on a brand new light when read in concert with later comic books. Here is the archive of previous installments.

Our latest example (courtesy of reader Rob London) is an interesting pledge Mary Jane Watson-Parker made to herself during Spider-Man's 30th Anniversary where she used a rather ironic choice of words.

1992's Amazing Spider-Man #365 celebrated Spider-Man's 30th Anniversary. It had a number of back-ups, including a story by Tom DeFalco, Stan Lee and John Romita where Mary Jane Watson-Parker reminisced about Gwen Stacy. By the end of the story, Mary Jane comes to term with Gwen's death and then we see an interesting series of thoughts by Mary Jane...

Oh, really, Mary Jane? You wouldn't trade it for anything?

Roughly 15 years later, in Amazing Spider-Man #545, that's exactly what Mary Jane would do, agreeing to trade her marriage in exchange for Mephisto bringing Aunt May back to life...

Pretty funny stuff.

Thanks again to Rob! He mentioned this panel in a piece he did on his blog examining the four 30th Anniversary Spider-Man issues from 1992. You can read it here.

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