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The Past Was Close Behind: “Scarlet Witch Will Never Go Mad!

by  in Comic News Comment
The Past Was Close Behind: “Scarlet Witch Will Never Go Mad!

This feature spotlights moments, exchanges, etc. from older comics that take on a brand new light when read in concert with later comic books. Here is the archive of previous installments.

Today, based on a suggestion by reader Michael F., we take a look at a comment about how the Scarlet Witch would never go mad, less than two years before the Scarlet Witch, you know, went mad…

In 1988’s West Coast Avengers #34 (by Steve Englehart, Al Milgrom and Mike Machlan), the Avengers are fighting Quicksilver, who is still sort of nuts after his break from the Inhumans after his wife Crystal’s infidelities. He fought the collected Avengers in the 1987 Avengers and West Coast Avengers Annuals and he continues his fight in this issue, where he has decided that he will take over from his father, Magneto, as the head of all evil mutants. This Quicksilver status quo did not last that long.

However, at the time, he was full on nuts, which led to the Scarlet Witch herself wondering if SHE would go nuts, too! Her teammates and her husband, the Vision, assure her that that is not the case…

Of course, roughly 20 issues later, in 1989, she did, indeed, go nuts…

And then obviously even more notably, in 2004 she went SUPER NUTS, leading to the Avengers breaking up!

To be fair, the Vision DOES note that one of the reasons she won’t go mad is because of her marriage to him…

And that’s exactly what drives her to madness when John Byrne takes over the title from Englehart later in 1988. The Vision is dismantled and when he is put together, he no longer has any love for her (then she finds her kids were created by her powers and she snaps).

Thanks for the suggestion, Michael! If anyone else has a suggestion for this column, drop me a line at!

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