The Past Was Close Behind Archive

Here is an archive of all the editions of The Past Was Close Behind that we have done so far. This is for comic book moments and plots that take on a whole new light when read in concert with later comic books.

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1. Blue Beetle and Booster Gold Talk About What Maxwell Lord Might do to Them

2. Captain America Gives the Skrulls Invasion Tips

3. Ed Hannigan Predicts the Initial Lineup of New Avengers

4. Cyclops and Magneto Have an Intriguing Conversation

5. Spider-Man's Wife Makes a Curious Pledge

6. The 1993 Marvel Annual Characters Are Built to Last, Unlike Squirrel Girl!

7. According to Captain America, "Wolverine will never be an Avenger!"

8. That Time Dan Slott Predicted Speedball's Future as Penance

9. What's Hawkeye Think About Wolverine as an Avenger?

10. Say, I Didn't Know Nick Fury Was Black?!

11. "The Scarlet Witch Will Never Go Mad!"

12. The First Mutant Baseball Team?!

13. That Time Magneto Took Control of Scarlet Witch’s Mind And Made Her Dance For Him

14. "We'll Never Forget You Supergirl...Until We All Forget You Right Away."

15. Commissioner Gordon is Batman?!

16. Mephisto Sure is Obsessed With Marriages, Eh?

17. The First Appearance of the Illuminati?

18. The Illuminati's Trial Run for Planet Hulk?

19. Tony Stark's Age of Ultron Try-Out?

Valkyrie: Jane Foster #6

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