The panty-shot decree heard 'round the world

Who'd have guessed in a week that saw the debut of Captain America: Reborn and Marvel Divas so much attention would be paid to Supergirl's shorts?

Specifically, that she now has shorts. Longish red bike shorts, under her mini-skirt.

The addition even caught the eye of National Public Radio's Glen Weldon, who salutes Supergirl editor Matt Idelson for his no-more-panty-shots decree.

"It's not a big deal, but it's a pretty big deal," Weldon writes, "and here's why: 1. The decision suggests that superhero comics may at long last stand ready to evolve beyond the adolescent objectification of the female form in which they have so gleefully wallowed for long decades; and 2. Supergirl flies, duh. She hovers over people's heads. In a skirt."

Blogger Kirk Warren delves a little deeper into the problems with the Maid of Might's costume, from the belly shirt to the ultra-mini-skirt to what he colorfully describes as "Blue Diaper Syndrome." (I totally swiped the above image from Warren.)

Although online reaction to the bike shorts has been overwhelmingly positive, there are certainly a few fans who are disappointed by the decline in upskirt shots. Luckily, Topless Robot's Rob Bricken already has them covered. So to speak.

"It's not like Power Girl is putting on a sweater or anything; there's plenty of superheroines left to ogle," he writes. "And there's always actual pornography, too."

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