"The Other Side Of The Tree" Takes Root At Komikwerks

Official Press Release

Komikwerks proudly announces the launch of The Other Side of the Tree, an animation-style all-ages webcomic. This weekly serial can be found at www.komikwerks.com and AOL Keyword: KOMIKWERKS beginning Tuesday, May 24.

When a young boy's "imaginary" friend disappears, he convinces his parents and older brother to go looking for him. What they don't know is they're about to embark on the most incredible and fantastic journey of their lives. Following young Brayden's directions, they leave their backyard and end up on the other side of tree - another world beyond their imaginations. They quickly discover a battle is raging between good and evil in this world and they're caught right in the middle of it.

So begins a family's magical adventure to rescue a lost friend. Along the way they'll meet new friends, enemies, and others who lie somewhere in between. They'll even realize the power of their family is far beyond what any of them believe.

"I think what really makes this an enjoyable comic, is the journey the characters take and the storytelling," says Thomas Daniels, Other Side penciller. "The script is absolutely fantastic. Jeremy has really done a great job. I believe the readers will enjoy the surprises around the corner and the unbreakable bond the family has. We've tried to gear the art for kids but we also wanted to have an "all ages" read to it. I think we've pulled it off. Hopefully we've developed characters that the readers will remember for a long time to come."

The Other Side of the Tree is the creation of Daniels, writer Jeremy Huff, inker Todd "Shortboy" Swain and colorist Robert "Robt" Snyder. "Everyone on this project has extensive small-press and webcomic experience, and this project brings all their talents together in one place," says Steve Horton, online comics editor for Komikwerks. "The Other Side of the Tree personifies what's missing in the comics industry – fantastic tales for all audiences."

Check out the comic online May 24: http://www.komikwerks.com

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