The 'Orphan Black' Cast Expands A Clone Cabal In Season 3

Over the course of two seasons – imported European seasons, at that -- BBC America’s “Orphan Black” has garnered a devoted legion of fans. Lovingly dubbed “Clone Club,” the series’ fan ban base has rapidly snowballed into a legitimate television phenomenon usually reserved for more established, longer running shows. A little over a week before the Season Three premiere tonight, cast members Jordan Gavaris, Maria Doyle-Kennedy, Evelyne Brochu, Dylan Bruce, Kristian Bruun, and series co-creator, Graeme Manson spoke to Wonder Con 2015 about what the future holds for Sarah Manning, her project Leda “sisters,” and the near future of the series in general.

First and perhaps foremost, star Tatiana Maslany was notably absent, though she did send a video greeting to her “Clonesbians.” Primary on the minds of Clone Clubbers once the panel got underway was the differences between the female Project Leda clones (portrayed by Maslany) and the recently introduced Project Castor clones portrayed by Ari Millien. According to Manson, “He was raised more in a wolf pack. Leda clones are different. He has this far more subtle job of trying to portray this new kind of family… which is like a bent band of brothers.” According to co-star Dylan Bruce, “I’m so proud of him. I can not wait for you to see what he’s done with these boys.”

Joradan Gavaris’ Felix, who at this point has relationships with four clones, will deepen his relationship with genetic researcher and lover of double agent Delphine, Cosima. While refusing to reduce the Felix/Cosima bond to mere sexuality, the third season will see a developing bond between two very lonely people. On the emotional divide, Gavaris said, “Cosima is able to throw herself into her work,” where Felix, “has a lot of sexual partners, but I don’t see anyone taking him on dates.”

As both Sarah’s and Helena’s “womb mother,” Maria Doyle-Kenney’s “Mrs. S” has had many tough choices to make recently, including surrendering Helena to the military in the (more than likely vain) hope of protecting Sarah and her daughter Kira, last season. Or as Doyle-Kennedy put it, “She makes lots of crazy decisions, but she has a good reason for making them. And she’s doing them ultimately to protect her family.” Naturally, her decision will not be without repercussions..

In a cast of characters which virtually every character has a mysterious past, precious little is known about clone Beth, a character Manson promised we will see more of in Season Three, though “only a crack.” Still, he promised Beth’s story arc is a constant point of obsession for co-creator John Fawcett, and that her overall story is “a beautiful thing.”

Another fan obsession: the rocky relationship between clone Cosima and her lover Delphine -- who at this point isn’t so much playing all sides of the fence as she is trying to bring the various clone factions together as part of an larger plan. “What’s going to be fun to see is that she’s not going to unveil her intentions as fast as we’d like. Because when you’re in a position of power, to keep that power, sometimes you have to keep secrets. And you’ve got to make hard choices and sacrifices, and sometimes they’re heartbreaking decisions. But the beautiful thing about power, too, is that you get a chance to be doing what you need to be doing… and you also get a chance at revenge.”

Finally, Manson had to address a promise made in the Season Two commentary about a “five clone Thanksgiving Dinner” scene this season. The actual itself may have been a wry response to the question of whether or not series producers could top last year’s “four clone dance party,” but while we are not likely to see Helena and Sarah enjoying a traditional turkey dinner anytime soon:

“When we get to the finale, there’s no way to talk John [Fawcett] out of doing some giant clone scene. Some huge almost technically impossible clone scene. We’ve done it each season. We certainly did it at the end of the second season, and now it’s one of the things we really plan for. Because we have to go the networks and ask for an extra day to do it, of course.”

“Orphan Black” Season Three premieres tonight on BBC America.

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