The Operative Joins The Others in "Aquaman"

The roster of The Others continues to grow this week with a new character design by Ivan Reis and Joe Prado for "Aquaman" #7. DC Comics has revealed the Operative, the newest member of the super powered team from Aquaman's past set to debut in a new story arc entitled "The Others." In addition to the announcement of The Others earlier in the week, "Aquaman" writer Geoff Johns also released designs for team members Kahina the Seer, the moral compass of the group and Prisoner-Of-War, a faceless soldier who was the sole survivor of his squad.

According to The Source, protecting the Operative's identity was the most important aspect of designing his uniform.

"Other than Aquaman, the Operative is the only member of the Others who has never gone into hiding," Johns said via The Source. "The Operative never stops until the mission is won. And in his line of work the mission is never won."

The Source further confirmed the Operative is the most secretive and connected of The Others, with an unknown country of origin, deep connections to every known government and the ability to call in favors from agencies like the FBI, MSS and the Internal Security Organization of Uganda.

The Operative's design completely obscures any identifying features with a full bodysuit, spiked gloves, goggles, sidearms and heavy body armor. Much like Prisoner-Of-War, the Operative also sports a utility belt. Once again, Johns revealed no further details about The Others and their involvement in Aquaman's past. Presumably, readers will discover more about the team when "The Others" story arc begins on March 28 with "Aquaman" #7.

Stay tuned to CBR News for more developments on "Aquaman" and "The Others."

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