The One Thing I Got From Final Crisis: A Spinoff Series I'd Like To See

I enjoyed the climax of Final Crisis, and the series as a whole, even if I can't articulate why, really. Certainly not in the way that the Savage Critic crew have (or even in the way that Jeff Lester articulated why he mostly didn't, while throwing in some insight of Watchmen to boot).

I mean, I was so adrift in a lack of coherent thoughts on FC when I finished it that I didn't even see the potential for new comics for DC to squander off its back. Well, except for one

Yes, there is one series I could definitely imagine spinning out of FC. Going by his exit interview at Newsarama, Morrison did, too. So, hey, I did get something out of this comic beyond a "Bart Simpson talking to Alan Moore" appreciation of it. I feel slightly less useless as a reader:

NRAMA: The Global Peace Initiative and Lord Eye – is that Maxwell Lord’s brain?

GM: I like to think so, yes. The potential seemed huge for a CHECKMATE: GLOBAL PEACE AGENCY book – ‘THE WORLD THAT’S COMING IS ALREADY HERE!!!’ so I wanted to position that too, if anyone’s interested. I’m a big fan of Greg Rucka’s brilliant work on both the Renee Montoya character and the Checkmate concept and this seemed like a good way to re-align Checkmate as DC’s own spy-chedelic Man from U.N.C.L.E. franchise. I believe Greg has his own plans for Montoya so we’ll see what happens next.

He had me at the tag line, but my heart also has many boners for anything described as spy-chedelic. That's certainly something I'd like to read. The allusions to OMAC in FC, and Renee's involvement in it, were something I really enjoyed. To see someone work with her new status quo (and Earth 51's designation as the Kirby-verse, even if Jack himself never saw his works as being part of one continuity) is something I could really excited about. Unless they had Bruce Jones write it or something. So even money on that.

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