The Next Walking Dead Video Game Will Be An Arcade Shooter

Thanks in no small part to the AMC series' unprecedented level of popularity, gamers have been treated to a not surprising large amount of “The Walking Dead”-inspired video games. What is surprising is that there hasn't been a company to license the property for an arcade game, which seems like a no brainer. Now, thanks to the folks who created the "Terminator Salvation" and "Aliens Armageddon" games, that oversight is about to be remedied.

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Slated to arrive in January, the brand new cabinet shooter (simply titled “The Walking Dead”) from developers Raw Thrills and Play Mechanix will allow you to take down walkers by the dozens. Featuring a crossbow-styled controller as its main weapon, along with the ability to use a hammer, pipes, dynamite and other items found as you progress through the story, the sit-down game will utilize lights in the roof of the machine that react and flash according to what’s happening in the game. Judging by the trailer, the gameplay looks like your standard arcade shooter, albeit with zombies instead of flying monsters or alien creatures out to eat your brains - and the rest of you.

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You can watch the full trailer below, and look for the game in your nearest arcade in January, 2017.

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