The Next <i>Inception</i> Will Likely Be A Video Game

It happened for The Matrix, and now it's going to happen for Christopher Nolan's Inception as well: A critically-acclaimed science fiction movie gets to continue as a video game.

Okay, maybe mentioning The Matrix Online is slightly unfair, considering the failure of that project, but this Entertainment Weekly chat with director Nolan definitely suggests that we're more likely to see an Inception video  game than we are any movie sequel. Nolan says,

“I always imagined Inception to be a world where a lot of other stories could take place. At the moment, the only direction we’re channeling that is by developing a video game set in the world.

Calling gaming an area "something I’ve wanted to explore," and talking about the project as "a longer-term proposition," Nolan also admits that he's not really thinking about a second Inception movie:

As for [movie] sequels, it’s not something I want to say no to, but it’s not something I’ve given a lot of thought about.

Yes, but what about spin-off comics, Chris...?

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