The New Thor to Debut in "Marvel Puzzle Quest"

"Marvel Puzzle Quest" has something special in mind for its one-year anniversary -- and D3Publisher is set to call down the thunder. The new Thor -- dubbed "Goddess of Thunder" by the official press release -- will make her video game debut in the mobile and PC game as a legendary, 4 star character reward for Season VII. Players will have the opportunity to test out her strength in a battle beginning October 17.

Recently introduced in Jason Aaron and Russell Dauterman's "Thor" #1, not much is known about the new Thor -- only that she's currently worthy of wielding the mighty hammer Mjolnir, taking the mantle of Thunder God from Thor Odinson.

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While bringing the new Thor to video games would likely have been enough of a celebration, the team behind "Marvel Puzzle Quest" won't stop there. In addition to Thor, Devil Dinosaur will also be introduced as a playable character via an Anniversary Pack and as a daily reward for Day 365 players beginning on October 8.

Check out the Marvel Puzzle Quest version of the Goddess of Thunder below.

"Marvel Puzzle Quest" is available for iOS, Android and PC.

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