Marvel's New Mutants: Where Are They Now?

Cannonball and Sunspot

Avengers, and Across the Stars

One of the strongest bonds forged within the team was the friendship between Sunspot and Cannonball. The two young mutants formed a partnership in the field that would transcend the initial New Mutants lineup and lasts to this day. When Steve Rogers and Tony Stark created The Avengers Machine, a team to counter all possible threats on all possible fronts, Cap tapped Cannonball and Sunspot for the roster. The friends had been called up to the big time, helping the Avengers in the war to save the very universe. Cannonball in particular took to space, falling in love with Shi'ar superguardian, Smasher. He would go on to have a child with the imperial guardsman of the Majestor, even moving out into space and living among the Shi'ar Empire.

Sunspot would use his vast monetary assets and business savvy to purchase the sinister science organization, A.I.M. He converted it into a force for good, supplementing the Avengers with research and began working with the U.S. government. From here, he was director of his own Avengers outfit called the U.S.Avengers. After his liaison in the government turned out to be quite sinister, he relinquished his ownership of A.I.M. and left it to his friend, Toni Ho. Now operating alone, Sunspot goes by Citizen X, still remaining in contact with his good friend Cannonball, who is currently a member of X-Force.

Beyond the Shi'ar Empire, at the far reaches of space, there lives a techno-organic race known as the Technarchy. One of their ilk, an outcast on his own world named Warlock, found himself on Earth. Treated on his own planet as mutants are commonly treated on Earth, Warlock formed a bond with the young mutants. One of the New Mutant roster that Warlock took a particular shine to, was Doug, aka Cipher. As Cipher's powers weren't really applicable in most combat scenarios, he would sometimes need protecting. Warlock would use his transformative skills to form an armor around his friend in combat, at one point the two even merged.

Doug has the power to comprehend, decode and manipulate all manner of language. This ranges from spoken language to computer code and on some occasions he has deciphered alien languages and tech. Unfortunately, at one point Doug was so unpopular with X-Fans, the repeated negative feedback resulted in writer Louise Simonson killing off the poor guy. He would return and eventually play a key part in defeating Bastion and his futuristic Nimrod sentinels in X-Men: Second Coming. He was last seen trying to decode the entire Internet, though it was advised that he stop as it was wreaking havoc on his health and mental wellness.

Wolfsbane Secondary Mutation

Returns, and Regrets

The original leader of the New Mutants, Xi'an Coy Manh, aka Karma, was believed to have been dead for a while. This was not the case, however; she had been enthralled by the world's most dangerous telepath, the Shadow King. After overcoming his influence and returning to the team, she still didn't feel quite right, so. Xi'an left the team, embarking on a search for her missing siblings. Karma's unfortunate string of events on the New Mutants team wouldn't stop there. After returning to the team, she lost her leg in a battle with Cameron Hodge during X-Men: Second Coming. She is currently the director of the current iteration of the roster, led by Magik. She provides the team with missions, funding and support from an administrative position.

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The most tragic of the New Mutants, the wolf-mutant Rhane Sinclair has been through a lot. She's a veteran of several X-Teams, including some of the more brutal ones such as X-Force, and the more recent, demon-fighting New Mutants roster under Magik. During the events of Necrosha the wolf-prince Hrimhari, who she was betrothed to at the time, sacrificed himself for Elixir, so the healing mutant could heal a fading Rahne and their child. Her child was later born violent and lethal, and escaped for a time. Though Wolfsbane tracked down her wayward son, not too long afterwards he was seemingly destroyed by her current New Mutants teammate, Strong Guy.

The New Mutants is set to release in August of 2019.

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