The New <i>Die Hard</i> Movie Was Almost The Greatest <i>Die Hard</i> Movie Ever

Now that we know that Fox is considering calling the next installment in the Die Hard franchise Die Hard 24/7, you might be wondering just why that name was chosen. Turns out, for the best reason possible.

Ain't It Cool reports that the latest DH movie was originally planned as a crossover between the franchise and the TV show 24:

Our dude/lady didn't know how much development was actually put into this notion, but she/he believes the project didn't pan out because Kiefer [Sutherland, 24 star and executive producer] was more interested in launching his own 24 movie franchise (still said to be in the works) than doing buddy shtick in Bruce [Willis]'s already established series. Which leaves some questions. Are we just now getting wind of an older title that has since been abandoned? Did they keep the title because they thought it was good, but are using it for some entirely different DH sequel conceit? Or, if Die Hard 24/7 is actually still in play as a title, is there still a specific reason for using it?

Dear Fox: This would be awesome.. Please can you somehow convince the necessary people that this needs to happen? I would love to see Bruce Willis and Kiefer Sutherland in an intense-stare-off. Come on!

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