The New DCU may be many things, but don't call it a 'reboot'

The sweeping line-wide retooling of DC Comics' superhero titles that will see the debut of 52 first issues introducing "a more modern, diverse DC Universe" has been referred to in a number of ways -- a renumbering, a relaunch, a revamp. But what it isn't, apparently, is a "reboot."

"This is the launch of the New DCU," DC's Senior Vice President-Sales Bob Wayne explains in a letter to retailers. "It is not a 'reboot.'  I think you will soon discover why that is." Note also that it's "New DCU" and not, thankfully, "DCNu" (so cut that out).

What differentiates Tuesday's announcement, with its across-the-board No. 1 issues, promises of new origins and new (younger) ages for some characters and minor changes for others, from a reboot, of course, remains to be seen.

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