The "New" DC, "Secret Wars" Revivals & More: CBR's Buzzworthy Books of June 2015

June will offer an incredible array of new titles to wile away the summer days with. DC Comics plans to make a huge impact with their new line up of titles designed to celebrate the diversity of today's comic scene, with over two dozen new titles launching along with a major reshuffling of creators on its existing titles, so expect a ton of new voices, artists and, yes, even new costumes from the fresh-faced DCU.

Marvel, DC, Image, IDW, Dark Horse & More Solicitations for June 2015

Of course, Marvel continues on with "Secret Wars" and all the new titles, and characters, that brings with it. Meanwhile, Dark Horse, Image and IDW aren't going to rest on their laurels, and are all cooking up some very exciting sounding projects to kick off the summer months. Below, we offer our thoughts for the buzziest of the buzzy, with the series we think will get fans talking, social media tweeting and in some cases mainstream news outlets discussing as 2015 heats up.

"Black Hammer" #1

Writer & Variant Cover: Jeff Lemire

Artist & Cover: Dean Ormston

Colorist: Dave Stewart

In June, Eisner-winner Jeff Lemire, joined by "2000 AD" and "Lucifer" artist Dean Ormston, takes his prodigious talents to Dark Horse for "Black Hammer," a book that sounds like a superhero deconstruction perfectly suited to Lemire's storytelling acumen. Lately, whatever Lemire has touched has sparked a great deal of excitement and conversation, and this look at superheroes living beyond their golden age sounds no different.

"We Are...Robin" #1

Writer: Lee Bermejo

Artist: Rob Haynes and Khary Randolph

Cover: Lee Bermejo

Whenever a new kid takes on the identity of Robin, it's always sure to generate buzz. Well, how about hundreds of new Robins? "We Are...Robin" marks the debut of the recently introduced Duke Thomas, a character that DC has promised will have a huge impact on the world of Batman, as one of the new Robins. Writer Lee Bermejo has recently proven his writing skills on "Suiciders" for Vertigo, and artist Khary Randolph has a unique style that will bring all these new legacy bearers to life.

"Plants vs. Zombies: Bully For You" #1 (of 3)

Writer: Paul Tobin

Artist & Cover: Ron Chan

Artist: Dustin Nguyen

Colorist: Matthew J. Rainwater

Before you dismiss this book as just another video game tie in, check out the other "Plants vs. Zombies" comics that this creative team has created in previous Dark Horse series. Tobin and Chan never fail to bring the madness of PopCap's signature game to the comic page, and this time they have Dustin Nguyen, artist of "Batman: 'Lil Gotham" and the upcoming "Descender," joining them. Expect this awesome creative trio to deliver some high octane flora versus undead action.

"Batman" #41

Writer: Scott Snyder

Artist: Greg Capullo and Danny Miki

Cover: Greg Capullo

Anytime there is a major status quo shift in "Batman," there will be buzz, but when that shift comes from the team of writer Scott Snyder and artist Greg Capullo, there's a little extra reason to get excited. One of the most consistent creative teams in mainstream comics since they first launched "Batman" in 2011, they're making their most drastic change to Batman's world this summer. Is Bruce Wayne inside that mechanical armor? Why has one of comic's most iconic heroes undergone such a drastic change? What does this new look mean for the future of Gotham City and for the DCU? Normally, such a major change would fill us with trepidation, but with Snyder and Capullo calling the shots, we're just sorry we have to wait so long for it to arrive.

"Black Canary" #1

Writer: Brenden Fletcher

Art And Cover: Annie Wu

One of DC's breakout hits of the past year has been "Batgirl," a book that combines classic superhero action with a modern sensibility to create something truly special. Now, "Batgirl" co-writer Brenden Fletcher brings this perspective to one of Barbara Gordon's best friends, the iconic Black Canary. Joining Fletcher is "Hawkeye" artist Annie Wu as the creative duo usher in a new rock and roll era for the classic DC hero.

"Superman" #41

Writer: Gene Luen Yang

Art And Cover: John Romita Jr. and Klaus Janson

Gene Luen Yang's "American Born Chinese" was one of the most critically acclaimed comics of the past decade, and his work on "Shadow Hero" showed that he can also pull off a fresh take on superheroes. Now, Yang is handed the keys to the one of the biggest ships in DC's fleet, the monthly "Superman" book. And while Yang might be a new visionary taking the reins of Superman, John Romita Jr. will be continues on as the book's artist, assuring a smooth transfer between Yang's arrival and exiting writer, Geoff Johns. A new voice in mainstream superheroes like Yang combined with a veteran like Romita could provide just the right combination for a very new and exciting direction for the Man of Steel.

"Starve" #1

Writer: Brian Wood

Art and Cover:

Danijel Zezelj and Dave Stewart

These days, it seems like the only thing as popular on TV as comic book adaptations are cooking shows. Now, master storytellers Brian Wood, Danijel Zezelj and Dave Stewart present a world where competitive cooking has become an arena sport, and the book's protagonist, master chef Gavin Cruikshank, will do anything to stop it. Fire up those ovens, because Image has a culinary experience like no other arriving in June.

"Justice League Of America" #1

Writer: Bryan Hitch

Art: Bryan Hitch And Wade Von Grawbadger

Cover: Bryan Hitch

The artist who helped reimagined the Avengers for the new century in the pages of "The Ultimates" turns his attention to the Justice League of America. Except widescreen action at its finest as Hitch presents his League battling an alien armada with secrets that somehow tie into the history of Krypton. DC characters will soon fill theaters, but if you want some cinematic DC action before that, Hitch is here to do what he does best -- tell the the biggest stories possible with some of the most bombastically detailed art around.

"Batman Beyond" #1

Writer: Dan Jurgens

Artist and Cover: Bernard Chang

After a number of anthologies, specials and miniseries, Batman Beyond finally gets his own monthly series. But DC promises this is a very different Batman Beyond than fans have seen before on TV and in comics. This is no speculative future for the DCU -- this is, DC promises, the DCU's definitive future. Is Terry McGinnis beneath the red and black futuristic Bat armor, or is this a brand new Batman of Tomorrow? Dan Jurgens and Bernard Chang answer this and all other pertinent questions in June when the future of Batman becomes clear.

"Prez" #1

Writer: Mark Russell

Artist and Cover: Ben Caldwell

Who's have ever thought Prez would relaunch in 2015? Come June, DC will present a very new take on the concept of the first teenage President of the United States. The original Prez first appeared in 1973, created by one of Captain America's proud parents, Joe Simon. The concept was wacky '70s awesomeness, and 42 years later, DC elects a new teen, the appropriately named Beth Ross, into the White House. From what little we've seen, "Prez" already seems like one of those books like the new "Batgirl," "Ms. Marvel" or "The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl," a series that comes out of nowhere and gets fans talking because of its fresh creative direction and unique style.

"Section 8" #1

Writer: Garth Ennis

Artist: John McCrea

Cover: Amanda Conner

Older comic fans speak in reverent whispers of Garth Ennis and John McCrea's "Hitman," a comic that took comedic superhero violence to the next level. One of the most memorable parts of "Hitman" was Section 8, the most over the top superhero team, possibly, of all time. In June, DC, Ennis and McCrea present the return of Sixpack, Baytor, Bueno Excellente and Dogwelder -- a hero who welds real dogs to his enemies --offering new fans the opportunity to understand the true meaning of superhero insanity. It's been way too long since the "Hitman" creative team has delivered their unique brand of hilarity to the DCU.

"Airboy" #1 (Of 4)

Writer: James Robinson

Artist and Cover: Greg Hinkle

Over a year ago, Image announced this miniseries from the minds of James Robinson and Greg Hinkle, a semi-biographical tale of the frustrations the pair experienced while trying to revive Airboy, a cult favorite Golden Age character. "Airboy" promises to provide an honest look into the creative process and how it can affect the everyday life of a comic creator through an experimental meta journey where fiction meets reality.

"Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows" #1 & #2

Writer: Dan Slott

Artist and Cover: Adam Kubert

If you want to stir up a hornets nest of comics controversy, bring up the Spider marriage. Well, Dan Slott obviously isn't afraid of controversy, and will take advantage of the reality altering "Secret Wars " event to ressurect the marriage of Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson! And not only are Slott and artist Adam Kubert, bringing back the most controversial marriage in Marvel history, they're introducing Peter and MJ's daughter. Slott promises that "Renew Your Vows" will have huge repercussions on the world of Spider-Man moving forward, so we're more than ready to journey back to the pre-"One More Day" era for a story that is sure to be one of the most talked about of the year.

"Weirdworld" #1 & 2

Writer: Jason Aaron

Artist and Cover: Michael Del Mundo

One of the most exciting aspects of "Secret Wars" is the way Marvel is peppering the mega-event with some truly strange and surprising series. "Weirdworld" was a very obscure Bronze Age high fantasy concept from Marvel that was all but forgotten; now, Jason Aaron turns his creative attention to the return of obscure Avengers foe Arkon. Joining Aaron is artist Michael Del Mundo, as the two creators promise to bring high fantasy in the old school "Heavy Metal" manner to the Marvel Universe.

"X-Men '92" #1

Writers: Chris Sims & Chad Bowers

Artist: Scott Koblish

Cover: Pepe Larraz

Many a fan's love affair with the X-Men began with the 1992 animated X-Men cartoon. Now, as part of the multiversal madness of "Secret Wars," the magic of '92 is back, and it's an official part of Marvel continuity! Relive the magic of the early '90s, crank some Faith No More and get ready to relive those formative days of the animated X-Men. If only the comic could talk so we could hear Gambit's accent one more time.

"Ghostbusters: Get Real" #1

Writer: Erik Burnham

Artist and Cover: Dan Schoening

With all the movie news that's been hitting lately, "Ghostbusters" fans have a great deal to be excited about. now, IDW's "Ghostbusters" get in on the action when they meet the classic animated versions from "The Real Ghostbusters!" Erik Burnham and Dan Schoening have done an awesome job with Peter, Ray, Winston and Egon in the pages of the "Ghostbusters" ongoing series, and this mash-up of comics' latest version of the 'Busters and the classic animated version of the team should be a sure-fire fan pleaser.

"Future Imperfect" #1 &2

Writer: Peter David

Artist and Cover: Greg Land

In 1995, Peter David and George Perez introduced an unsuspecting world to the Maestro, the most savage Hulk of all, a despot so violent and brutal, he made Thanos cringe. The Maestro has popped up a few times over the years, but now, this megalomaniacal Hulk from the future is back, and overseing his return is the writer that created him. Many consider "Future Imperfect" to be one of David's masterpieces, so it's genuinely exciting that David and Maestro have been reunited to answer this question: what impact will the future version of the Hulk have on the future of Marvel Comics?

"Years Of Future Past" #1 & 2

Writer: Marguerite Bennett

Artist: Mike Norton

Cover: Art Adams

Journey to one of the most popular alternative futures in Marvel history as Marguerite Bennett and Mike Norton revisit the X-Men's "Days of Future Past." Thanks to "Secret Wars," the harsh reality of Chris Claremont and John Byrne's classic tale will become embroiled in Marvel's reality-shattering event. The original "Days of Future Past" was one of the classic X-Men's greatest tests, and we can't wait to see how the players of this future gone wrong fit into Battleworld and "Secret Wars."

"Mickey Mouse" #1

One of the greatest icons in comics finally returns. Disney has a whole slew of classic characters coming to IDW, and here is the House of Mouse's franchise rodent ready to delight audiences after so many years of absence from the American comic book page. IDW has been doing an awesome job with their younger skewing properties like "My Little Pony," and "Mickey Mouse" adds an absolute classic to the company's publishing schedule. Mickey and his friends and foes were a longtime comic book staple and this title could be the world's most famous mouse's return to four-color glory.

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