The New "Daredevil" Trailer's 5 Most Elektra-fying Moments

The first season of Marvel and Netflix's "Daredevil" focused on one thing: the Kingpin's violent quest for complete power over Hell's Kitchen by any means necessary. Going into its second season, it looks like "Daredevil" will double its intensity with a dual narrative structure. We saw a trailer for one of those narratives last week with the release of a Punisher-centric promo -- but Jon Bernthal's Frank Castle isn't the only new addition to the cast.

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The latest trailer, released earlier today, features the most we've seen of Elodie Yung's Elektra, a mysterious sai-wielding warrior that is also Matt Murdock's ex. This second trailer focuses on the other narrative, one involving Elektra and -- surprise! -- the Hand. This trailer's packed with even more action than the first one and it also gives us a tease of the season's massive stakes. Here are the moments from the trailer that -- pardon the pun -- electrified us.

Daredevil & Elektra, Side-By-Side

Elektra busts into Matt Murdock's apartment uninvited, but not to fight him, No, she's looking for help because Matt's the best fighter she knows -- and she also knows that the Yakuza are actually gaining strength following their seeming defeat in season one. With an agreement to not kill anyone (a request Elektra responds to with a sly smile), the two go into action -- together. They might kick and punch with the same lightning-quick precision, but Elektra's attitude might be more flippant than Matt's used to. One thing's for sure: Punisher and Elektra are going to push and pull Matt in drastically different directions.

Daredevil vs. Punisher II

We got our first glimpse of the Man Without Fear fighting the gun-toting vigilante in last week's trailer. While the second trailer is light on the Punisher, it does include one more beat from their brawl. After charging at each other, the two street level crimefighters clash and then crash through a skylight. Can these two learn to play nice, and how will the threat posed by the Hand affect this potentially deadly rivalry?

The Hand Rises

Season one alluded to Daredevil's ninja foes by pitting Murdock against one lone red-clad foe, Nobu. Now it looks like season two will up the ante by bringing in the entire Hand organization. And while season one only flirted with the mystical side of Daredevil's world (remember Black Sky?!), the use of the word "rising" and the massive hole Elektra and Daredevil peer down into makes us wonder if it's possible we will see the Hand's demonic master, the Beast.

Daredevil vs. The Hand

And immediately after seeing what the Hand might have planned, the trailer gives us some real Daredevil vs. Hand ninja action. Kicking, broken glass, swords, fists -- all that and more flashes into view, including a shot of Daredevil and Elektra taking on a couple of ninjas in a close quarters melee. If you loved DD's fight against Nobu in season one, it looks like season two will be up your alley.

Billy Club Action

A few fast-paced cuts at the end of the trailer imply that Daredevil's modified his billy club with the grappling hook his comic counterpart uses. That might not be the case, as it looks like the leap (which might feature the grappling hook) and the catch (wherein the rope and club are separate) could be from two different scenes edited together -- but either way, this segment teases even more death-defying acrobatics from the Man Without Fear. How we've missed Matt Murdock's signature brand of extreme parkour over this past year!

All 13 episodes of "Daredevil" Season 2 premiere on Netflix on March 18.

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