The Nerdy Bird's First Flight to CCI - Part 2

Dear Diary,

It's Friday at Comic-Con International. I dressed up special just for you. Okay, that's a lie, I actually dressed up for Geoff Johns and Shane Davis but I'll get to that in a minute. Yesterday was fun but today I debuted my Red Lantern costume complete with my very own Dex-Star (Rage-filled Red Lantern Kitty, for those of you not in the know). And wouldn't you know? Dex was a bigger hit than me!

I arrived a bit early for the DC Nation and stumbled across the end of the Robert Rodriguez panel. He seems like a really cool, humble dude. He had the floor all to himself and was fielding questions mostly about "From Dusk Till Dawn" and plans for DVD extras. Look for his family's chocolate lava cake recipe to be included with "Grindhouse." He also told a humorous story about his son coming up with creative ways to make sound effects in his home films. As in, flushing the toilet in their bathroom while recreating the opening scene from "Raiders of the Lost Ark."

The DC Nation panel was really fun this time around. At the last New York Comic Con, Dan DiDio wore a shirt for every color in the Lantern spectrum and proceeded to remove each one while talking to the audience about "Blackest Night." He did that again this time but decided to give the shirts to fans if they could prove they were filled with each particular emotion. The Orange Lantern shirt turned out to be the easiest to give away as the first responder greedily said, "I want that shirt."

DC's Ian Sattler insists that no one should miss the end of James Robinson's "Justice League: Cry for Justice." Robinson said, "Originally, this book was just a miniseries, it evolved and evolved. Now issues five, six and seven each have a big surprise. It's going to culminate into something that's going have long-lasting effects in the DC Universe for both characters and for America."

Greg Rucka replied, "I always get nervous when a British writer says that."

Robinson seemed to take some offense when a fan had some complaints about Grant Morrison's "Final Crisis" and "Batman RIP." "I think that is one of the greatest Batman series ever done," said Robinson.

"There's not one person on this panel right here that isn't going to sit down tomorrow to go to work and not try to make tomorrow's work better than yesterdays," added Rucka.

After a singing and dancing Sinestro performed for the panel, he asked what the DC crew liked best about Wonder Woman. DiDio gave a heartfelt answer. "I love the warrior woman aspect. I love how she interacts with the people of our society more so than it is with the Amazons and the Gods. I find her more interesting when she's on and dealing with the Justice League members and all that, she stands as an equal with them, but she has her own ideals, her own sensibilities, she doesn't back down. But she's not always right and she's not always perfect."

Geoff Johns simply said, "I love the magic lasso."

As part of my Red Lantern costume, I put together a Red Lantern Dex-Star with help from my friend Beth to carry around with me. I thought he was quite adorable but apparently so did everyone else. At one point in the panel, DiDio took him from me to keep on the podium. He used it to attack a few panelists before someone in the crowd said they wanted one. "Sorry, it's only one of a kind," said DiDio.

Afterwards, Shane Davis, artist of "Rage of the Red Lanterns," told me how much he appreciated the effort and took a few pictures of Dex for posterity. Too bad Dex turned on Johns when we went to take a few nice pictures together. I apologize to all the fans that Johns won't be able to finish all his current stories because of this. Unless he gets called as a Black Lantern...

I saw a ton of great costumes today, of course. There weren't nearly as many Lanterns walking around as I expected there to be, but I did manage to snag a picture with one GL. There were a few zombie Star Trek officers and some 1960s style Batmen cosplayers, but I was very excited to see the cast of a well-known "Twilight" parody by The Hillywood Show. It's kind of freaky how much they look like the characters from the film.

Sadly, my Friday ended on a sour note as I made a complete fool out of myself in front of someone I absolutely adore. I accidentally found "Torchwood" actor John Barrowman signing at a small booth near the back of the show. Now, I love John Barrowman. No, I mean, love. I took a few pictures as he was busy signing for fans and finally got up the nerve to go talk to him. I nervously told him how fantastic I thought the recent miniseries "Children of Earth" was but when I wanted to tell him what I thought of his job specifically I completely lost the ability to speak and told him he was "ecstatic" in it. Ecstatic?! Thanks for failing me completely brain. It was bound to happen sometime.



P.S. A big congratulations to Jonah Weiland and the entire staff of Comic Book Resources on the Eisner win! Does that mean I get to attach "Eisner Award Winner" to everything I do now? :)

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