The 'Negation War' begins this March at CrossGen

Official Press Release

The best-kept secret in comic books is about to explode.

For over two years, the NEGATION creative team has generated passionatecritical praise with their fast-paced and unpredictable sci-fi thriller.Now, writer Tony Bedard, penciler Paul Pelletier, inker Dave Meikis, andcolorist Laura Martin have the chance to show the entire comic book industrywhat they've been missing in NEGATION WAR. This six-part epic, scheduled toblast-off in March 2004, finally brings together the world-smashing NegationEmpire and the super-powered heroes of the CrossGen Universe in all-outcombat.

For nearly four years, the building storm has been teased and hinted at inthe pages across CrossGen's entire line. The mad-god Charon, havingconquered his chaotic universe, has cast his baleful eye across the gulfbetween realities and covets the bright and thriving worlds in our cosmos.Backed by endless armies and his twisted Lawbringers, the terrifyinglycharming emperor has at last given the order to launch the full invasion.Can anything stop the Negation's path of destruction? And who is thespandex-clad hero shown on the first issue's cover? Readers will uncoveranswers as they join the battle in only three months.

"Charon wants to 'improve' the CrossGen Universe, whether we want it or not,because he feels he knows what's best for everyone...and he'll kill as manypeople as it takes to do it," explained Bedard. "The CGU crew is definitelyoutmatched. But that's what makes things interesting. You gotta love theunderdog. In the pages of NEGATION, ex-soldier Obregon Kaine and his rag-tagband of escapees have beaten immense odds in their fight for freedom. Andalong the way, there's been a multitude of 'Holy $#+%" moments, so expecteven more of those jaw-dropping shocks in NEGATION WAR!"

NEGATION WAR Part One, created by the writer Tony Bedard, penciler PaulPelletier, inker Dave Meikis, and colorist Laura Martin, is scheduled toreach stores on March 24th. The 32-page, $2.95 debut issue will be availablefor order in the January issue of Diamond's Previews catalog.

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