The Mystique of Revenge: Aaron talks "Wolverine"

Bruce Banner isn't the only Marvel Comics hero you don't want to make angry. Wolverine may not be as big as The Hulk, but Mystique will find out just how relentless and deadly a pissed-off Wolverine can be when the four-part "Get Mystique" arc begins in next week's "Wolverine" #62. CBR News spoke with writer Jason Aaron about the Ron Garney-illustrated storyline.

"Get Mystique" marks the third time Aaron has written "Wolverine." His first published work, an eight-page back-up story, appeared in issue #175 of the previous volume of "Wolverine." The positive response to Aaron's one-off story in last year's "Wolverine" #56 lead to this current assignment.  "Wolverine is a character who really fits my sensibilities as a writer, I think," Jason Aaron told CBR News. "And he's the type of character who lends himself to telling different kinds of stories, which I love. The story I did in issue #56 was a somber little character drama where Wolverine was more of a secondary character.  This current arc is totally different.  It's very high octane, very much action-driven, and Wolverine is very much the main character.  I even get to explore a previously unseen bit of his past."

"Get Mystique" serves as an epilogue to some of the events from the recent X-Men crossover story, "Messiah CompleX," but readers who missed out on the X- epic will still be able to enjoy Aaron's story. "It's pretty much a self-contained story," Aaron said. "Wolverine is going after Mystique for how she betrayed the X-Men in 'Messiah CompleX', that's all you need to know.  You really don't even need to know what she did.  Just that Logan is pissed, and for some reasons that we'll eventually see, he's totally taking this all very personally. He's angry and looking to do Mystique significant bodily harm.  As far as he's concerned, only one of them is walking away at the end."

Mystique's extreme cunning and penchant for treachery means putting her down for good won't be easy. "In this story, it's Mystique in all her scheming, shape-changing glory. And she's certainly not looking to just lie down and let Logan gut her," Aaron explained. "If only one of them is gonna walk away at the end, she's confident that it'll be her."

Wolverine's pursuit of Mystique takes him to one of the most dangerous and war-torn areas in the Middle East. "As Logan is chasing after Mystique, she's looking to throw as many obstacles in his way as possible.  And what better place for that than in the midst of a war, which is why they end up in Iraq," Aaron stated. "Over the course of the story, we see both American soldiers and Iraqi insurgents, but they're merely part of the backdrop and setting for this chase.  I'm not looking to espouse any of my personal views on the situation in Iraq."

Wolverine may be the best there is at what he does, but Mystique isn't too shabby at what she does either, and what she does is take advantage of chaotic situations. "It's very much a cat and mouse game. Mystique is doing anything she can to stay one step ahead of Logan," Aaron remarked. "And he's having to constantly ask himself, just how far he is willing to go to get his hands on her."

In between Logan and Mystique's battle of wits and wills, Aaron introduces a small supporting cast with important ties to both characters. "This is really a story that focuses just on Wolverine and Mystique, but in flashbacks we do introduce a group of small-time grifters who play an important part in Logan and Mystique's first meeting," Aaron said.

"Get Mystique" is a grim, fast paced thriller and Aaron was thrilled to have Ron Garney be the one who brought the story to life. "I was already a big fan of Ron's work before this, and I think this story ranks among his best," Aaron said. "I've been simply blown away by his pages and hope to work with him again in the future."

"Get Mystique" is only a four-part tale, but it probably won't be long before Aaron is back to chronicle more of Wolverine's exploits. "I think I heard something about some guy named Millar taking over the book, so it sounds like it'll be in good hands for a while," Aaron said. "Down the road, though, I would definitely like to return to the character.  There are lots more stories I'd still like to tell."

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