The mystery of the missing Green Lantern ring -- <i>solved!</i>

If you were among those who looked at the cover of Justice League #1, the first issue in DC Comics' line-wide reboot, and wondered whether Green Lantern's trademark ring had been dropped as part of the character's redesign, fear not: The mystery has been solved, by none other than artist (and co-publisher) Jim Lee.

Responding to questions about the missing jewelry, Lee wrote last night on Twitter, "Green Lantern has no ring on the Justice League image? Sounds like the work of Sinestro!" before assuring fans that, "Before it spins too far out of hand, (ha no pun intended) the ring will reappear by the time the comic debuts or b4 Sinestro is done w/it."

But then he tracked down the true culprit: longtime inker Scott Williams. "HAHA case of the missing ring solved-was gonna say it was due to senility but I dug up the pencil scan-BEHOLD," Lee wrote, linking to an image of the penciled cover (at right), which depicts Green Lantern with his ring. "So it's true: a penciler is only as good as his inker ... wow; must cut his rate, stat!"

Justice League #1, by Lee and writer Geoff Johns, will be released on Aug. 31, with a ring-wearing Green Lantern.

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