The muse visits Guillem March's studio

I like Guillem March's work; I think there's more experimentation and playfulness in it than in almost anything by the other cheesecake specialists employed at the Big Two. Sure, he came in for a lot of deserved flak over the broke-back pose on the cover of Catwoman #0, but the Spanish artist came out of that controversy exhibiting a nice line in self-deprecating humor. His other covers for both Catwoman and the defunct Gotham City Sirens reveal an artist with an eye for trying new styles as well as interesting composition and perspective.

Recently at his blog, he's been playing around with a series called "the muse in my studio," in which he inserts a typical Marchian beauty into some photographs of his work/living space/street life. They're great, and a lot of Manara-esque fun.

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