<i>The Muppets 2</i> Gains Ray Liotta

Yet another actor has joined the cast of The Muppets 2, but this one isn't a comedian, as Variety reports Ray Liotta has been cast in the upcoming Disney sequel. His role is "being kept under wraps," like so many others involved in the project. Fun fact: Liotta appeared in 1999's Muppets from Space as a gate guard.

Ricky Gervais plays the lead in the James Bobin film, while Tina Fey acts as a Russain gulag prison guard and Ty Burrell is a lazy Interpol agent. There's a chance that Christoph Waltz could cameo in The Muppets 2 if the timing works out right.

“I was looking forward to meeting Miss Piggy," Waltz said in a recent interview, "but they told me that dancing with Miss Piggy, for example, is almost impossible because she’s totally operated by puppeteers and dancing, you have to dance with someone where there’s actually a real person inside, so let’s see who I dance with."

The sequel to the Jason Segel/Nicholas Stoller-written 2011 film will move the action from the United States to Europe, with a heist vibe similar to that of The Great Muppet Caper, Stoller has said. James Bobin has returned to shoot the sequel which he has co-written with Stoller. Ricky Gervais and Burrell will play the main human parts. Songwriter Brett McKenzie will also return and is working on original songs for the project. The film is due out on March 21, 2014.

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