The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Yes, it's that time again! When I catch up on Snark Free Waters with a big, huge info dump!!

This time, I am providing you fine folks with two fine countdowns! I am trying a bit of a yin and yang approach, so I present to you: The Twenty-Five Funniest Comic Book Series of All-Time (that lasted at least ten issues) and The Twenty-Five Most Serious Superheros of All-Time!!

Read on for links to the countdown!

25 Funniest Comic Book Series of All-Time#25

25 Most Serious Superheroes of All-Time!

Ta da!

Feel free to come by and tell me how wrong I am!!

devil professor hulk immortal hulk
The Professor & The Devil: Hulk Hasn't Been THIS Powerful Since the '90s

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