The Most Incredible Band in the Universe?

The inspiration for this week's Line it is Drawn topic (pick four comic characters that you'd like to see in a band - if you have a suggestion, tweet us @csbg) was a bit that blog co-founders Alex Cox and Joe Rice did...wow...nearly seven years ago (we are old). It was...the most incredible band in the universe!

Read on for more images of the band (photographs and band assembly by Alex, publicity by Joe), including Joe Rice's commentary...

"Holy crap! Is that . . .Bender on lead? Captain Marvel as a front man? Popeye on Keys? "

"And Sgt. F. RAWK on bass?!? "

So this is the kind of awesomeness you can expect in next week's The Line It Is Drawn. Almost too much awesomeness to imagine!

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