<i>The Monster Of Nix</i> Teaser Is Totally Bizarre, Features Tom Waits

I can't say that I'd heard of The Monster of Nix before today, but I definitely won't be forgetting it anytime soon (and thanks to /Film for sharing). The short film, which should be out any day now (spring 2011), is the work of Dutch filmmaker and artist Rosto, the talent behind the online graphic novel Mind My Gap.

You'll immediately notice in the below teaser for The Monster of Nix how insane Rosto's character designs are. That crow-like thing with human hands for feet is pure, unadulterated nightmare fuel. And that is most certainly Tom Waits' gravelly voice providing the voiceover; Nix also features the voice talents of Terry Gilliam, Charles Hubbell and, awesomely, The Residents. If you don't know about The Residents, then read up. After you watch this bizarre beast of a trailer, that is.

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