The Mona Lisa Can Officially Suck It

We have a new most inconic image in art. Unsurprisingly, it's Solomon Stone giving Hitler a spinning backfist so powerful it fills the rest of the page with yellow, which is the universal symbol of residual awesome energy. It's so awesome I can't upload it directly, and can only link to it; our servers just can't handle this much awesome. Jonah only has so much money.

Also, there's Solomon Stone fan fic now, as only the International Society of Supervillains could bring you. It makes reading the Diary of Anne Frank worthwhile in the same way that Bioshock made slogging through Ayn Rand sort of tolerable to people who aren't Steve Ditko. It's that great. Not as great as Galactus/That '70s Show fanfic, but what is?

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