The Mighty Tharg is running a <i>2000AD</i> art challenge on Twitter

On Twitter, 2000AD is running a fan-art competition (#thargsartchallenge) that has produced the expected mix of submissions, with an occasional gem outshining the rest: For example, take this Mike Donachie/Baz Renshaw reimagining of Judge Dredd in the style of classic DC Thomson kids comics such as The Dandy and The Beano.

The occasional pro is throwing a cap in the ring, as well: recent Haunt artist Kyle Strahm links to a three-page sample that I'd reckon is good enough to earn him a gig at the Grand Old Anthology (of course, when it comes to unsolicited 2000AD samples by pros, the gold standard is always James Stokoe's Rogue Trooper).

Paul Harrison-Davies, whose Finngr paintings were featured a while back in Art Barrage, linked to this finger-painted A.B.C. Warriors:

And Chris Thornley, aka Raid 71, the graphic artist behind the charity Art V Cancer, posted this  from his Instagram feed: very cool.

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