"The Middle Man: Collected Series Indispensability" From Viper Goes To Second Printing

Official Press Release

The series hailed by critics and fans, and named by the American Library Association as one of 2007's "Great Graphic Novels for Teens, " is going to a 2nd printing.

The Middleman might spend his days and nights fighting evil so you don't have to; training the unflappable and ever resourceful Wendy "Dub-Dub" Watson to be his eventual replacement; taking an occasional break for a frosty glass of cow-juice; all the time dealing with a smack-talking robot provided by OTS2K, but what happens when fans can't get enough of this clean-cut, square-jawed defender of all things right and just in the world?

Viper Comics steps into the fray, dons a trusty Eisenhower jacket and pushes out a second printing of Javier Grillo-Marxuach's and Les McClaine's The Middleman : The Collected Series Indispensability, that's what!

Available November 11, 2009, from your nearest comic book retailers, book retailers, or pre-order your copy from the Viper website ( http://www.vipercomics.com ) for the Ri-GOSH-DARN-DICULOUSLY cheap price of $19.95. Don't miss your chance to see where it all began, today.


"A Fun, fast-paced, and quick-witted comedy-adventure in the vein of Men in Black, Ghostbusters, and Hellboy."

- Ben Lathrop, The Library Journal

"If you're still resisting buying The Middleman, not only do I fear for your immortal soul, but I fear that you are not worthy to buy comics at all." - Greg Burgas, ComicBookResources.com

"With a dashing, retro, ass-kicking secret agent, a spunky fish-out-water hottie partner at his side and adversaries that include muck-encrusted monsters, mob monkeys and mexican maulers, we guarantee you'll love being stuck in the middle, man." - Jesse Thompson, Wizard Magazine

The Middleman : The Collected Series Indispensability

ISBN 10: 0980238544

ISBN 13: 9780980238549

Diamond DCD Item: MAY084177

Retail $19.95 / B&W/ 336 pages

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