The Middle Ground #78 | 10 things to keep you out of stores, trouble this weekend

Hey, it's Thanksgiving this week! Which means it's "Black Friday" this week! Which means, if you're anything like me, you're going to spend Friday staying far away from the madding crowds crushing themselves to death or a worryingly-close equivalent in search of a great bargain. So why not spend the time reading some comics, instead? For once, here're some digital comics I think you should download and read instead of leaving the house this Friday.

This isn't any kind of "best of" selection; it's literally just a list of things that you may have missed that jumped out at me while perusing Graphic.ly and ComiXology's selections this weekend, many of which are favorites of mine for reasons both strong and entirely random.

Atomic RoboWhat Is It? It's just ridiculously fun, is what it is. Brian Clevinger, Scott Wagnener et al's series offers up pulpy ridiculousness that fits the retro nature of the title but has the kind of self-awareness that stops it from being too over the top. Just big, loud, great comics.Where's It Available? Graphic.ly, Comixology

Buck RogersWhat Is It? Dynamite's short-lived resurrection of the classic space hero, with Scott Beatty and Carlos Rafael giving it all they had. Not enough people read this the first time around, but I loved it.Where's It Available? Comixology

Comic Book ComicsWhat Is It? Fred Van Lente and Ryan Dunlavey lay the history of the comic book industry bare, and make it surprisingly readable even if you're not the kind of wonk who finds this kind of stuff fascinating at the best of times.Where's It Available? Comixology

Dungeons and DragonsWhat Is It? I've written about how much I love Jon Rogers' monthly set in the world of the classic RPG before, but if you've not sampled how funny, fast-moving and (again) fun this is, here's your chance.Where's It Available? Comixology

Gingerbread GirlWhat Is It? One of the highlights of comic year 2011 for me, Paul Tobin and Colleen Coover's witty, kind and lovelily human (even the pigeons) graphic novel is still a must-read, if you haven't already.Where's It Available? Graphic.ly, Comixology

Lost At SeaWhat Is It? Before there was Scott Pilgrim, there was this first graphic novel by Bryan Lee O'Malley, and although it's tonally very different from the series that made his name, it's something that I found myself falling in love with the first time I read it.Where's It Available? Comixology

Skyscrapers of The MidwestWhat Is It? If I said "Imagine Chip Kidd but with less formalism and more heart," I'm not sure if you'd be able to imagine just what Josh Cotter gets up to in this amazing series, but try and imagine that anyway. It's beautiful, heartbreaking and something to be treasured.Where's It Available? Comixology

The UnknownWhat Is It? For those who like your mysteries to have a supernatural edge - and for those of you who like your Mark Waid comics to feature smart, snarky leads (Which should be everyone) - then, if you haven't read this series already, you're in for a treat.Where's It Available? Graphic.ly, Comixology

A Treasury of Victorian MurderWhat Is It? Rick Geary is the Sarah Vowell of comics, and I mean that in the nicest way possible. He makes history come alive, which is ironic considering this series is all about murder... but, trust me: He'll entertain the hell out've you with these stories. Or die trying.Where's It Available? Comixology

The War at EllsmereWhat Is It? If class warfare, boarding schools and things that go bump in the night aren't enough to tempt you to try out this great little graphic novel, then buy it for the really kind of awesome art of Faith Erin Hicks, whose work never gets the attention it should; she's pretty much the definition of "unfairly underrated."Where's It Available? Comixology

Okay, so ten selections to keep you busy enough that you don't have to even think about hitting the stores on Friday. Those big screen televisions are overrated, anyway.

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