'The Metabarons #1' goes to a second printing

Official Press Release

[The Metabarons]Los Angeles ­ November 6, 2001 ­ Humanoids Publishing is pleased to announcethat a second printing of the first issue of THE METABARONS is available forordering. The first printing has been sold out from the publisher for manymonths. Copies of this reprint will ship the first week of December. Achange in the color of the Humanoids logo on the books cover will indicatethe second printing.

"We are excited on several levels about this reprinting of the first issueof our flagship title", said Ian Sattler, Marketing Manager for HumanoidsPublishing. "It¹s amazing how long THE METABARONS has sustained the abilityto bring in new readers. We printed about double the orders of the firstissue. Over time so many new readers came aboard by sampling the first issuethat we needed to do a new printing to keep this activity going."

Part of the decision to do a second printing is the result of requests fromretailers, who responded positively to the news of the reprint. "THEMETABARONS' popularity continues unabated, both individual issues and thecollected edition. As with Green Arrow, keeping the early (affordable)issues in print will continue to bring in new readers", said John Dacey,manager of Hi De Ho Comics & Books with Pictures in Santa Monica, CA.

Gib Bickel, owner of The Laughing Ogre in Columbus Ohio explained, "WithHumanoid's commitment to their stock levels, I was able to sell five to sixtimes my initial order of THE METABARONS #1. Its strong sales have continuedmonth after month, and with the new printing of #1 that trend can continue."

The second printing of THE METABARONS #1 will be full color, 32 pages, andretail for $2.95. For more information, go to: www.metabarons.com

Humanoids Publishing is a division of The Humanoids Group, with offices inParis, Brussels, Saigon, Geneva and now Los Angeles. The Humanoids Group isa multi-faceted conglomerate headed by Fabrice Giger, its chairman.Humanoids features subsidiaries that include an internationally renownedgraphic novel/comic book publishing house, a 3-D animation and visualeffects studio, an animation software development company and an entitycurrently developing interactive, role-playing computer games.

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