The Maxx to appear in Ashley Wood's 'Popbot #2'

Official Press Release

[Popbot Book 2]SAN DIEGO, CA - With the first issue of Popbot on sale now, Ashley Wood is proud to announce that the second issue will feature an appearance by Sam Kieth's The Maxx.

"I'm really excited that Sam has agreed to let The Maxx appear in my book. The scripting job he did on the first issue was amazing and I wanted the chance to take a stab at a character that influenced the way I approach comic storytelling," said Ashley Wood.

Popbot Book Two is written and drawn by Ashley Wood, with The Maxx's dialogue being handled by Kieth. Book Two also features a Popbot pin-up by Mike Mignola.

Popbot Book Two will be published by IDW in April 2002. It's 48 duo-tone pages and retails for $7.99.

IDW is a cutting edge entertainment company, covering almost all aspects of youth culture: DVD menu design, custom artwork and comic books, video game character design, and collectible card game formulation, to name a few. IDW has worked with a wide range of clients including Trimark Pictures, Artisan Entertainment, The Upper Deck Company, Electronic Arts, WizKids, Cartoon Network, Microsoft, Nickelodeon, Wizards of the Coast, and many more. IDW's first publication was Uno Fanta: The Art of Ashley Wood.

More information about IDW can be found at their website, www.idwpublishing.com.

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